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Sara Navid | NamuSun Inc

Sara Navid | NamuSun Inc, Persian/Iranian Accountant in Los Angeles, CA

I find myself as a hardworking and detail-oriented individual. I thoroughly enjoy running research (reviewing competitors, SWOT analysis, and marketing research) which can be infiltrating into the organization/ business to improve growth and sustainability. Persian Realtor in Los Angeles

I find myself being extremely goal-oriented and under any circumstance reach any goal that I have initiated, either it being personal or professional. With hard work and determination,

I would like to find myself in a senior management position within a fortune 500 company within the marketing department.

I strive to become successful within any position that I may be placed in and with my intention to continually grow from there.

I always go by the saying, “you are never too old to learn something new.” I am a very personable individual and enjoy networking.

Whomever I come across I typically always get along with and enjoy sharing new ideas, which not only contributes to personal growth, but to professional growth as well. I also enjoy working in a team environment.

It is imperative to share and provide ideas, where one might have missed something another will catch. Iranian Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

Team contribution can only benefit a company, and I enjoy hearing one’s opinion or knowledge on a project, campaign, or simply one’s insight on a generalized topic.

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