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Saman Movassaghi

Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Florida

Saman Movassaghi is an Iranian Lawyer, a caring and compassionate Persian immigration attorney in Florida.

  As the Founder and Managing Attorney at Florida Immigration Law Counsel, a full-service immigration boutique law firm.

In short, dedicated to producing the results her clients need. Meanwhile, she has over 15 years of experience helping both corporates.
Individual clients with an emphasis on employment/investment cases and family change cases.
Is the Founder and Managing Attorney at the Florida Immigration Law Counsel. 
Since 2003 she has been practicing as an immigration attorney catering to both corporate and individual clients.
With an emphasis on employment and family related matters. She is an experienced lawyer in obtaining certified labor.
Certifications with the Department of Labor and filing employment-based petitions. Also, to change of.
Status and Consular Processing case, Iranian divorce lawyer near me

Saman Movassaghi is well-versed in various skills and employment.

Based on visas such as HS, Ls, Es and O/P visas.
Above all, she earned a B.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington in Political Science,
A.C. Minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and her J.D. from the St.
Thomas University School of Law at 22.
Further, she is active in the South Florida community and speaks. Iranian Immigration Lawyer.
On various immigration and diversity issues throughout the State of Florida.
In addition, she is a member of the Florida Bar and U.S.
District Court for the Southern District of Florida
Further, the District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

Iranian Lawyer Saman Movassaghi is one of the best Persian Immigration Lawyer

American Immigration Lawyers Association, Iranian American Bar Association, Florida Muslim Bar Association and
On the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion with the Florida Bar. She is also a graduating member of Class III from,
Connect Florida, Leadership Florida.