Sahara Market | Grocery Store


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Sahara Market | Grocery Store

Sahara Market | Grocery Store

Grocery carrying the Mediterranean, Indian & Persian groceries, plus kebabs & shawarma to go.

Sahara Restaurant offers the most delirious Persian and Afghani cuisine in a friendly and welcoming environment.

All foods are prepared in a home-made style with our best Halal meat, chicken, and other ingredients.

Bakery 02 Sahara Bakery prepares the best Afghani-style bread in the whole bay area.

We provide our bread from the quality flour and ingredients to serve our customers with healthy and delicious bread. Persian shop

Meat 50045748 Sahara Meat provides quality Halal chicken, goat, lamb, and veal.

The chickens are all cage-free, local, and free of any preservatives and hormones. Goats, lambs, and veal are all also from local California farms and free of any preservatives and hormones.

The best Persian and Afghani style one-stop market offering grocery, bakery, fresh produce, halal meat and chicken, restaurant, and catering.

Afghani Restaurant · Ethnic Grocery Store · Indian Restaurant

Sahara Market is a Halal International speciality market with traditional and conventional Groceries.
Kabobs Persian and Afghani cuisine kabobs including Beef Koubideh, Chicken Koubideh, Beef Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Joojeh Kabob, Lamb Chops, and more.
Persian Stew Persian style stews including Ghorme Sabzi, Gheyme, Gheyme Bademjan, Karafs, and so on.
Shawarmas and Wraps Afghani and Arabi style shawarmas and wraps including lamb & beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, beef koobideh wrap, chicken koobideh wrap, and more.
”This place is your one-stop shop for great Persian food and grocery from freshly baked bread daily to fresh meat butcher to fresh fruit and a great selection of herbs and sweets and everything else, you want it, they have it.
The food is freshly cooked to order and it tastes awesome.
The management is super friendly and accommodating.
The staff are excellent and informative about any questions you might have about their products.
Great seating area indoors and plenty of parking off street, what else could one ask for.”