Sahar International Supermarket


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Sahar International Supermarket

Sahar International Supermarket | Best Persian/Iranian Grocery Store in Chicago, IL

Middle Eastern, Turkish, Persian, Indo-Pak, & Mediterranean foods.

Sahar Supermarket in Chicago offers Middle Eastern Products, Arabic, Persian, Turkish. Please visit us in person or online.

Mediterranean grocer with produce and a wide array of imported Turkish, Arabic & Persian products.

Salaam and Welcome to Sahar Market Chicago Website. Sahar International Supermarket is located on 4851-57 N Kedzie Ave.

Chicago, IL 60625 Ph. (773) 583-6098 Fax: (773) 588-1643 Please come by and have a taste our quality products.

Sahar Market Chicago or Sahar International Market specializes in Middle Eastern, Turkish, Persian, Eastern Europe and Indo-Pak food products. Sahar Supermarket has a great variety of grocery products, fresh, canned, and frozen which our customers love and keep coming back for more buys. In the past, we started with a meat store so those who are with us from those times they know we used to be called Sahar Meat Market back then.

People also are looking us up on the internet by searching terms like Sahar Grocery Chicago, Sahar Market Chicago, and Sahar International Supermarket.

They also may refer to us by searching terms: Sahar Chicago, Sahar Store, Sahar Market Arab, Sahar Market Persian, Sahar Market Turkish, Sahar Market India.

We are offering fresh halal meat, fresh, dried, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, bottled and canned soft drinks, herbs, tea, spices, sweets and all other products commonly found in every household in Chicago.

Our bakery offers everyday fresh pita and lavash bread and different combos with meat, spinach, zatar and more.

There is a free parking available on our mall property so you have the convenience to easily stop at hour store as well as load purchased goods into your vehicle quickly.

Sahar Shopping Online Supermarket: Ordering Online Store.

Browse from hundreds of products to see what is in stock and come by to purchase.

If you don’t live close by, you are welcome to order online and get your favourite products delivered to your doorstep.