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RTA Physical Therapy | Irvine, CA

RTA Physical Therapy | Irvine, CA (Restorative Therapy Associates)

RTA Physical and Occupational Therapy RTA Physical Therapy serve Irvine and the surrounding communities of Lake Forest, Tustin, Mission Viejo and Laguna with the manual treatment of body dysfunctions of sports medicine, back pain, shoulder disorders, joint replacements, arthritis, neurologic, and balance disorders. We believe that you deserve to be treated with a licensed physical therapist, not an aide! Iranian directory

You get the most 1:1 care with a physical therapist in the OC. At RTA we are committed to one-on-one care. Our entire team is dedicated to spending time with each patient, listening, and developing a meaningful rehabilitation program to meet your specific goals! Iranian yellow pages

We believe that the BEST results are through a manual hands-on treatment, directed therapeutic exercises, specific postural correction and body mechanics retraining.

Both during and upon completion of your course of Physical Therapy with us, we are committed to providing a thorough home exercise program to ensure independence, self-reliance, and return to prior level of functioning.

Physical Therapy RTA provides a personal “hands-on” manual approach with individual attention by each Physical therapist. You have tried the rest, now try the best. We have over 100 years of experience between our therapists.

We all have extensive clinical experience and knowledge in working with Orthopedic, sports medicine, TBI, Neuro, balance disorders, Parkinson’s, and general weakness. Our Physical Therapy Team: Derek DeCicco James Hunter Vicky Tuggy Kwangyo Kane

Diagnoses Treated At RTA we are committed to one-on-one care while treating various diagnoses with a speciality in Orthopedics, musculoskeletal, and neurological conditions including balance disorders.

Testimonials We believe that you deserve the best possible therapy, and here at RTA, you will receive the best care possible. Here is some feedback from some of our patients telling you about our clinic.

“What a fantastic, first-class staff you really are! All of you work together as such a smooth-flowing team. It has been such a joy to work with you all! In addition, your generous transportation provision allowed me to attend all my appointments when unable to drive.

Not only for myself but on behalf of many other RTA clients, I want to congratulate each of you on your professionalism and the quality of your work! You helped us all so much! Your technical skills are highly developed – but equally important, has been your compassion, love, care, concern, and respect you’ve given to each of us, as patients. We’re all very lucky to have found RTA and to have benefitted so greatly from your expertise”

We can treat any diagnosis listed below: Upper Extremity