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R&R Accounting | Newport Beach

R&R Accounting | Newport Beach: Accountant in Newport Beach, California: Tax Preparation

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We are experienced in preparing Individual, Partnership (Partnership, LLC) and Corporate (C or S) tax returns. We strive to do everything we can to ensure that you pay only minimal taxes, get credited what is due, and of course obtain the highest available tax refund. All tax returns are personally reviewed by Sohrab Rowshan, MBA, and not by an anonymous associate. We take time to conduct a detailed interview and ask questions that are pertinent to ensuring that all tax areas personally relevant to you are covered. We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service and receive from them the very latest in the tax code and reporting updates.

Tax Consulting Maximum value: R&R Tax Accounting provides strategic tax planning, compliance, preparation, and accounting services that are tailored to the particular needs of businesses, real estate investors, and individuals.

Our preparers are uniquely positioned to provide cutting-edge yet practical tax solutions. We tailor our comprehensive tax planning and tax minimization strategies to the particular needs of each individual, real estate investor, and business. While our focus is on strategic tax planning, we also offer traditional tax compliance services.

Sohrab Rowshan, MBA Founder and President of R&R Accounting and Tax Services Inc., has more than 35 years of accounting experience. Mr. Rowshan also has a Master’s Degree in accounting, with a specialty in cost and manufacturing accounting. He has prepared individual, partnership (Partnership, LLC) and corporate (C or S) tax reports.

He is licensed by the State of California and has been a member of the Society of California Accountants since 2008. Green 60 Payroll Processing at Your Service. After 22 years of payroll processing for its clients, R&R Accounting Services created the Green60.com E-Payroll System. This all-digital system is fast, paperless, and accurate. Please visit www.Green60.com for more information.

Incorporation: If you have questions about the advantages of incorporating your business, call us. We can advise you as to eligibility and the benefits (as well as some disadvantages) of incorporating. Business incorporation is expensive and obtaining sound advice from one of our tax advisers ensures whether or not incorporating your business is worthwhile and for you. Iranian yellow pages

We can incorporate your business: in one of two ways: 1) 24-Hour Service (additional fee applies) or 2) 72-Hour Service. R&R Accounting Services Complete Incorporation Package includes all of the documents necessary to quickly open your new Bank Account.

We provide you with an Employee Identification Number, First Minute of the Corporation, Sub Chapter “S” Election, Sales Tax Number, Employment Development Department (EDD) Number, and Book of the Corporation, which includes Bylaws, Stock Register, Stock Certificate and Seal.

We can register your business in the County of Orange in as little as 24 hours. Other outlying counties may take up to 48 hours.

You will receive a certified copy of your business name registration, and we will publish that name for you in your local newspaper. We can represent you in audits by the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, and the State Board of Equalization.

With proper financial statement preparation and accurate record-keeping recommended by Sohrab Rowshan, R&R Accounting Services has successfully defended its clients in the past.