Roksana’s Persian Food


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Roksana’s Persian Food

Roksana’s Persian Food

Take-out eatery offering kebabs & other grilled Persian dishes, as well as catering service.

Persian Restaurant in Watertown, Massachusetts

We do not deliver. For events and orders more than $500.00, we can set up delivery with extra charge. We do not do business with any delivery company and thus do not take responsibilities for third parties delivery (price and time).

Items on the catering menu are not available regularly. We provide these items for your events by special orders. Minimum order for each item from catering menu is $100. Please place your special order in advance. Call us for more details (617-393-2229).

Shole Mashhadi Lamb meat, beans, wheat, rice, onion, garlic, lentil, salt, pepper, cardamom ?Garnish with ground lamb meat, chic split-peas, tomato paste, cinnamon, cardamom, and more, Specials (Thursday May 24th )

Iranian/Persian take out. Halal ???? Thursday-Saturday 11AM-8PM Sunday 12PM-7PM

Iranian/Persian take out in Boston area offering kebabs & other Persian dishes, as well as catering service. Halal ????