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Rice House of Kabob | Miami Beach

Rice House of Kabob | Miami Beach: Who doesn’t love rice? In fact, three billion people love it, daily! Rice is the main staple of most cuisines, as it’s delicious, nutritious and versatile. With that in mind, the Shabani brothers set-out to start a restaurant that honoured their Persian background and featured the world’s ultimate comfort food as its main staple.

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Starting with their flagship location on Miami’s famous (or infamous?) South Beach in 2005, brothers Reza, Esi, Jafar and Ali have quickly expanded to five restaurants throughout Miami with plans to expand nationally soon.

Rice House of Kabob is an authentic Persian food right down to the naming of the menu items, although we let you cheat by providing the English translations. Practice your Persian here and impress us during your next visit!

Our FoodOur restaurants open their doors at 11:00 am but we start our day earlier than the roosters. Every morning is a fresh start – we cut, slice, dice, chop and stir our ingredients into delicious submission. All this to bring you the tastiest soups, sauces, sides, and dressings. We made a promise when we opened the doors of our South Beach flagship location in 2005, which was to have a mandatory bikini-only dress code.

But when we realized that wouldn’t be possible, we promised to always deliver all natural, no preservative, healthy food true to our Persian background. Each item on our menu is cooked to order. No shortcuts, pre-cooking or heat-lamps. Every inch of our chicken, beef and fish is cooked to perfection on the spot. We hand make our yoghurt, hummus, falafel and everything else on our menu, daily!

Are you tired just from reading that? Although it would be faster, easier, or cheaper to do it another way, we keep our promise, cause it makes our mâmân (that’s mommy in Persian) proud and our customers coming back for more! best Iranian / Persian restaurant near me


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We love parties! And we’ll pretend we like office lunch gatherings just for the sake of feeding you. Our catered dishes are sure to please any crowd, and grouchy bosses too. We have an excellent selection of menu items and services that are designed for a variety of special occasions ranging from simple coffee breaks to complete luncheons, dinners and receptions.

We will take care of everything and you can just sit back, relax and pretend you cooked!

Mediterranean quick service, locally owned by four brothers with a passion for fresh food. Famous for our Sumac!


We hold the simple belief that you deserve real food made from the freshest ingredients.

Nothing hidden, no shortcuts.

And we believe you deserve a meal created just for you.

Our Eastern Mediterranean upbringing instilled within us a deep passion for top-notch grains and greens, freshly prepared and served close to their source.

We pledge to bring this passion for authenticity and excellence to every community that Rice calls home.

Like a grain of rice grown over time, fueled by the luminous sun, nourished with patience and hard work, Rice Kitchen is a harvest of generations.

It is the dreams of our parents and their parents, ripened by their wisdom and love, served humbly to you, with love, gratitude…and plenty of Sumac!

Welcome to Rice Kitchen. Welcome to our family. With deepest appreciation, Chef Ali, Esi, Jafar & Reza Shabani