Rice House of Kabob | Miami Beach


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Rice House of Kabob | Miami Beach

Rice House of Kabob | Mediterranean Restaurant in Miami Beach

FRESH is on the menu.

Chef Ali Shabani spent years methodically researching and developing the Rice Kitchen menu in his South Miami test kitchen, mining the family’s precious catalog of

Mediterranean recipes passed down through generations and then modernizing those dishes in collaboration with patrons at his existing restaurants, family and culinary experts.

The result is a vibrant, inventive twist on classic Mediterranean flavors in the form of velvety, herb-infused dips, nutritious lush grains and slow-cooked, satisfying proteins.

In keeping with Shabani family tradition, the bright and complex flavors you’ll find at Rice Kitchen come from expert blends of herbs and spices – not heavy fats and calorie-packed creams.

Build your bowl of fresh greens, nutrient-packed grains, hearty proteins, and satisfying sauces! We are locally owned by the creators of Rice House of Kabob.