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Reza Barari | Business Lawyer

Reza Barari | Persian/Iranian Business Lawyer

Barrister & Solicitor in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, REZA BARARI Barrister & Solicitor Reza is experienced in various areas of business law including the buying or selling of a business, establishing a new business, financing transactions, commercial leasing, drafting of shareholders and partnership agreements, and corporate maintenance.

Working closely with his clients, Reza provides cost-effective, practical, and strategic legal advice.
He enjoys learning about the ins and outs of his clients’ businesses and assisting them in achieving their business goals. Reza has broad litigation experience in matters pertaining to breach of contract, construction lien, and partnership disputes.
His experience in commercial and corporate law has proven to be an advantage in successfully pursuing business litigation.
He is prepared to engage in all aspects of the litigation process including drafting of pleadings, conducting examination for discovery, mediation, interlocutory procedures such as injunctions, and representing you at trial.

Business Law

We Achieve Our Clients’ Business Goals by Taking a Genuine Interest in the Ins-and-Outs of their Business Combined with our Experience and Knowledge of the Law.

Our Typical Client is a start-up business with estimated sales between one hundred to two million dollars per year. Iranian Business Lawyer
We are experienced with the Purchase and Sale of Privately Owned Businesses, Contract Preparation including Joint Venture, Partnership, and Shareholder Agreements.
Our Services include the following:
  • Asset or Share Transactions
  • Draft/Review of Letter of Intent, Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • We Conduct Due Diligence:
  • Litigation Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • PPSA Search
  • Closing Agenda
  • Certified copies of Directors
  • Election of new Officers


  • Incorporating Corporations
  • Registration of Medicine Professional Corporations for Medical Professionals
  • Check List for MPC
  • Corporate Maintenance
  • Preparation & Review of Shareholder Agreements
  • Topics to Consider
  • Draft of Pre-emptive rights:
  • First right to purchase
  • Limit to the dilutive effect of additional shares
  • Shotgun clauses
  • Rights of first refusal
  • Piggy-back Clause
  • Drag-along (meant to protect minority shareholders)
  • Disability/death/insolvency of a shareholder

Family Law Act: Means to ensure that the spouse of each participating shareholder provides a waiver of any claims to the shares of the shareholder or a waiver of any right to information respecting the corporation.

  • Preparation & Review of Contracts
  • Joint Venture Agreements:
  • Construction Projects
  • Real Estate Syndicate
  • Home Renovation Projects
  • Partnership Agreement
  • General and Limited Partnerships
  • Copyright License Agreement
  • Commercial Lease Agreement