Reyhun Iranian Restaurant


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Reyhun Iranian Restaurant

Reyhun Iranian Restaurant

REYHUN ?RAN?AN FOOD RESTAURANT ?Lovely atmosphere in the city center Reyhoun kebab was founded in 2014 by Hamit Rahimi. ?From the start, this restaurant offers food with the best quality and raising the standard of work in this field.

Due to lack of high-quality Iranian restaurant in Istanbul and problems such as food supply of raw materials from Iran and hire a skilled chef in this field, Reyhoun Restaurant managed to solve this problem with the best standard of service like best restaurants in Iran.

Reyhun Restaurant is one of the must-stop stops for anyone interested in Iranian food! The flavor secrets of Iranian cuisine are opening! Reyhun Restaurant, which was established to promote the best of Iranian cuisine, is waiting for many taste hunters with its central location!

Reyhun Iranian Restaurant, Best Persian Restaurants in Istanbul

Our longing, which began miles away from our home, turned into an ever-increasing passion. We also decided to open a restaurant for Iranian food as a resort to it. All of the products in our restaurant, which we opened at the beginning of 2014, come from Iran; the reason for this is our desire to offer a good example of Iranian cuisine to those who come.

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One of the main refreshing tastes of our kitchen is the tiny thank you to the plant for giving the name of Reyhan to our restaurant. Our restaurant is located next to Yeniçar?? Street next to Galatasaray High School and is at the crossing point of many local and foreign tourists.

This responsibility imposes on us; it always results in the same quality and hygiene service!

At this point, we say that our shop contains the taste of Iranian cuisine and the sincerity of the Iranian people.

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