Restaurant Alborz | Köln, Germany


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Restaurant Alborz | Köln, Germany

Restaurant Alborz | Köln, Germany

Persian restaurant

Alborz Köln Germany – Cuisine:

Persian partly vegetarian Dinner Drinks Give it a try: fruit delivery service to the office Tasty of ‘’ delivered directly to the office Fresh fruit in the office leaves a positive impression on employees and business partners Fruit boosts performance as an alternative to gummy bears or chocolate In the decorative fruit basket fruits create a new point for internal communication 100% of regional dealers in Cologne And the eye eats with it: it looks good and tastes delicious! Detailed information on www.obstkiste.

eu food and dishes Typical dishes of Persian cuisine Omelette with spinach and sheep’s cheese, with dip Pasta casserole with colorful vegetables Apple strudel Vegetable skewer with rice and salsa sauce Salads of the season with roasted turkey breast strips and vinaigrette Tomato soup with roasted Weissbrot croutons and whipped cream Ice cream with cream Natural schnitzel with thyme potatoes from the oven

Restaurant Alborz | Persian Restaurant in Köln,


Look forward to your restaurant visit in Cologne! The gastronomy in Cologne offers many possibilities, e.g. is very popular as kitchen ‘Persian’. Vegetarian and hot meals are often in demand. Eating out with the family or partying with friends – the right pub is of course to be found in Cologne! From beer to good food – including salads – to dessert: you can find all this in Rathenauerplatz 1. You are welcome to make a reservation here For all those who like to be in the kitchen themselves, there is a cooking video that may make some hobby chefs beat their hearts.

additional Information Cologne: Eating, drinking and enjoying – preferably together with friends or your favorite colleagues. Forget the time, celebrate, meet with the family, enjoy, switch off and just do something good! Your pub in Cologne hasoffer a lot to offer as a good restaurant

Alborz Köln Germany – Cuisine: Persian partly vegetarian Dinner Drinks

the Restaurant Albroz in Cologne. In Albroz you get Kurdish and Iranian food. Alborz also offers tasty meals for weddings and birthdays. We are looking forward to your visit.