Restaurang Vanak | Stockholm, Akalla


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Restaurang Vanak | Stockholm, Akalla

Restaurang Vanak | Stockholm, Akalla

Persian restaurant of traditional character

Persian, from decor to menu & concept

Restaurant Vanak takes you on a journey of discovery to the Perisian food culture in a quiet and tranquil corner of Stockholm. We offer a culinary little piece of Iran, in the fine company of historical architecture and culture that surrounds the restaurant.

Persian Restaurant in Stockholm

You are warmly welcomed to enjoy all that is so wonderful about Persian food. Food & culture from all over the country in true Persian vintage!

A few words about usWe are an experienced and welded team from Iran’s different regions. Our ambition is to prepare dishes with authentic flavors that characterize authentic Persian cuisine. Authenticity and taste have been key words when designing our menu. By combining the unique food culture with warm and well-functioning service, we at Restaurant Vanak want to invite our guests to unforgettable, inspiring and relaxing meetings between people and food. An exciting taste experience

Persian cuisine offers a considerable variety of culinary dishes in constant development, thanks to its multi-millennial heritage. Only the best is good enough, whether it be meat, vegetables or other accessories.

Restaurang Vanak, Persian Restaurant in Akalla, Stockholm

Raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality form the basis of our good food. Enjoy and reunite with flavor combinations in its simplicity and freshness in our Persian kitchen.

With the help of this architecture, we want to show you a small part of Iran’s ancient history and culture. This is a glimpse of the ancient Persian Empire when King Korosh and then King Darius ruled about 2,500 years ago. Persia was a powerful kingdom but had many foreign enemies who repeatedly attacked the country for several years to conquer its wealth and wipe out its existence, culture, and identity.

However, they did not succeed in wiping out its history, behind these ancient architectures survived a brave people who were and are liberal, knowledgeable and artistic, a people with a 2500-year civilization. The duty of the Iranians is to use the motto of our ancestors; “good thoughts, good deeds, and good words” honor our beloved country.

Subway blue line towards Akalla, get off at terminal Akalla.