Restaurang Sofreh | Uppsala, Sweden


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Restaurang Sofreh | Uppsala, Sweden

Restaurang Sofreh | Uppsala, Sweden

Restaurant Sofreh, Persian kitchen & charcoal grill

Serving most authentic Persian food in a very unique environment where art, history and hospitality meet. Persian cuisine consists of many flavor combinations, which are rarely strong but often richly seasoned. Saffron and turmeric are two spices that are commonly used. Herbs such as dill, parsley and coriander often taste in the food.Rice is the most common source of carbohydrates, although bread, potatoes and pasta are present.

Persian rice is cooked using a special method and served antigen only as it is or mixed with sour berries (barberry berries) or with herbs or beans. Saffron rice is a Persian specialty.Lamb meat is the most popular meat in Iran but beef is also common. The meat is cooked in pots or grilled. Chicken is also often used in Iranian dishes.For food, salads or Mast o khi (Persian tzatziki) are often served with sauces, which are often based on yogurt, eggs or cooking oil.

General Manager?: Navid Namazi

Restaurang Sofreh | Uppsala, Sweden, Persian restaurant in Uppsala

We offer a fantastic menu and atmosphere beyond the ordinary. Our specialty is Persian cuisine and we cook from scratch based on Persian housewife recipes. Welcome in and experience something new!

welcome you to our genuine restaurant with both new and old interior details from Iran. Here, the chef puts love into cooking and we hope you will have a pleasant taste and stay with us!

The Persian food is colorful and consists of, in addition to meat, often of herbs, legumes and vegetables. We serve everything from delicious pots to kebabs of different kinds of meat, cooked on a real charcoal grill.

Is it time to invite to the party? Take catering from us and hang out with the guest! Sofreh fixes catering for all occasions! Wedding, student, birthday and funeral.Need help setting up tables, tablecloths and serving food? Then our serving staff can be a good solution.Our Persian-inspired local has the opportunity to accommodate 50 dining guests. For more information and to book a table please contact the Restaurant.