Restaurang Iran | Stockholm, Sweden


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Restaurang Iran | Stockholm, Sweden

Restaurang Iran | Stockholm, Sweden

Restaurang Iran Café

Persian pastries for an espresso in an environment that makes you want to stay a little longer. At Gröndal’s Deli, it tastes a little better. Are you loaded on the usual cinnamon buns and cookies that taste less than they cost? Then come into us.

Gröndals Deli serves pastries from Iran that will tickle your taste buds. Try one by one and discover your own favorite. Everything baked in the traditional way without preservatives or E-numbers. We sell a dozen different pastries and you can even buy your favorite home on a box in our store.

With us, you get your coffee the way you want it and we also serve Persian tea for all tastes. All directly imported from Iran. You will find us in the center of Gröndal.

Oriental Deli

Put together a tasty meal of fresh ingredients and authentic Persian food in our oriental buffet. In our oriental buffet, we serve delicious snacks. In accordance with Persian cuisine, our menu consists of vegetarian food as well as dishes containing beef and chicken meat.

We have about 20 different snacks and you can compose your own meal according to taste and taste. We also have pastries, salads, bread, and food for pickup. You will find us in the center of Gröndal.

Restaurang Iran, Persian/Iranian Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden


If you want to serve a menu consisting of fresh ingredients and tasty snacks from the Middle East without having to lift a finger, please contact Gröndals Deli. Gröndals Deli has long experience of catering and only satisfied customers.

We put together a menu according to your wishes and the size of the party. We have both cold and hot dishes. Persian foodPersia has a long tradition of its own food culture. In today’s Iran, this tradition lives on and we at Gröndal’s Deli now want to bring it to Swedish cuisine. Persian food traditionally consists of vegetarian food as well as beef and chicken meat.

A part of Persia is in Gröndal. Step into Gröndal’s Deli and experience it yourself.

Here you can eat traditional snacks and get Persian pastries for the coffee. In our shop, you can buy directly imported spices, dates, teas, sausages, oils and much more. serves the best of Persian cuisine?