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Ranjbar Orthodontics

Ranjbar Orthodontics | Iranian Orthodontist in Lawrence, Kansas

HELPING OTHERS, ONE PERSON AND ONE SMILE AT A TIME Hands down, the best part of being an orthodontist is being in a position where I can truly help when a need arises.

Everyone deserves straight, healthy teeth:

not only does this create a beautiful smile that improves a person’s self-confidence, but properly aligned teeth improves oral and overall wellness and delivers a better quality of life.

I’ve been practising for more than 20 years and treasure the friendships and what I’ve learned in that time. My patients are important to me as people:

I love the excitement and energy they bring to the office and how much they teach me about the world. I love how my younger patients share stories about their lives and interests.

They’re youthful and often unfiltered, perspective is energizing. I treasure my conversations with older patients just as much. They have so much insight and experience to share with me!

OUR TEAM AND OFFICE My coworkers are the foundation of our practice:

I can always count on their professionalism and dedication to excellence. More importantly, I witness every day the love they feel and convey to each and every patient. Our patients are an extension of our family and we care about them with the utmost respect, compassion, and yes, love.

We have a special team member: Sunshine, my dog. She’s accompanied me to the office almost every day for more than 10 years! She loves her job. The minute I reach for my bag in the morning, Sunshine rushes to the front door, ready to go to work and see her patients! Iranian Orthodontist in Kansas

EDUCATION AND CONTINUING EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pittsburgh State University Doctorate of Dental Surgery, University of Missouri-Kansas City, graduated in Top 5% of Class Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics, University of Missouri-Kansas City Orthodontic Specialty program My commitment to knowledge, to staying at the leading edge of advancements in orthodontics didn’t end when I received my certificate.

Ranjbar Orthodontics, Iranian Orthodontist in Lawrence, Kansas

Ours is a constantly evolving speciality and it’s my responsibility to stay current on those changes. Through continuing education, I ensure I’m fully informed of new techniques and technologies and able to determine which are appropriate for my patients.

In addition to being a faculty member in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, I’m an active member of the Tweed Study Club. I also attend local, regional, and national orthodontic conferences and lectures, participate in seminars, and avidly study oral healthcare journals.

My patients deserve the best care to achieve their best smile: continuing education helps me best meet their needs!

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American Orthodontic Association Southwest Orthodontic Association Kansas Orthodontic Association, Past President Kansas Dental Association First District Kansas Dental Association, Past President Douglas County Dental Society, Past President BEYOND THE PRACTICE I lived all over the world when growing up.

Ranjbar Orthodontics was born in Iran and lived there until I was nine. My family then moved to Tanzania, in East Africa, where we lived for four years. We then moved to India for a year and then to the U.S., to Ohio.

I graduated from high school in Stow, OH, and moved to California for a year of college, took some time off to work in construction in Las Vegas, NV, and then returned to college, first in California and then in Kansas. For more than 20 years I’ve been here in Lawrence and now call it my home.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my daughter, lending a hand at the Phoenix Gallery, and tinkering with my ’39 Chevy pickup. I also enjoy fishing but, for some reason, have yet to find the best spot!