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Rahim Razavi | Hüsges Group

Rahim Razavi | Iranian Expert at the Hüsges Group, Appraiser in Willich, Germany, Marketing & Director in Hüsges Group

He was born in 1960 in Iran. After his school career, which he finished with the Abitur, he decided in 1984 to study in the field of transport.

Following this, he completed an apprenticeship as a car expert. In this profession he worked until 1994, then he took over the management of the Tourist Office in Isfahan, an Iranian city with about 1.5 million inhabitants.

In 1997 he founded “Salem”, traffic analysis and traffic signing company that is the largest of its kind in Iran today.

In 2003, He left his home country to make a fresh start in Germany. Here he initially trained as an expert at a Westphalian academy.

Today he works as a vehicle expert at the Hüsges Group, one of the largest independent automotive expert organizations in Germany.

That Rahim Razavi is a fighter in every respect, he proved early: 1986 he became judo champion of the Iranian University League.

He has remained faithful to martial arts as well as to his second sporting passion, football.

Iranian auto dealer in Germany

In addition, he trains his head regularly – barely a week passes in the life of He without chess.

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