Raffaella Gabassi | Chiswick, London 


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Raffaella Gabassi | Chiswick, London

Raffaella Gabassi 

Raffaella Gabassi is the principal dentist at White Dental, but she hates being called the “boss”. Fluent in English, Italian and Swedish, she runs the practice as an open, nurturing environment, where each team member is valued equally.

Her fundamental guiding principle is to create a dental practice where she and her staff would feel comfortable to come to as patients or bring their loved ones and family members.

Of the power of her vocation as a dentist, Raffaella says, “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a sympathetic word, a compassionate ear, an earnest compliment, or the smallest act of kindness, all of which have the power to turn a life around.

” Raffaella qualified from the Royal London College in 2001. She has since been on the cutting-edge of dentistry and facial aesthetics, to ensure that her practice offers world-class service to its patients. Prior to White Dental, she ran a successful dental practice in Godstone, Surrey.

“My primary goal is not just to build a successful dental practice, but to become a vibrant and proactive focal point within our community, on the importance of dental care and hygiene to our overall health,” Raffaella says of her outlook to the practice. Indeed, this burning desire to be a net-contributor to the community extends even beyond beautiful Chiswick.

Raffaella Gabassi, Chiswick, London

Moved to tears by the suffering of children in Sierra Leone due to a severe lack of dental health services, Raffaella launched the Smiling World Foundation charity, through which she invests both her time and personal resources to provide much-needed relief to some of the most impoverished communities in Africa. Come rain or shine, she travels to Africa frequently to oversee the not-for-profit dental practice she is building in Sierra Leone.

The next time you are in the area, Raffaella and her Specialist team invite you to pop in to say hello, even if you are not yet ready for a cleanup or a check-up! Raffaella

At White Dental, we are committed to the delivery of the highest standard of dental care. Iranian Dentists in Chiswick

We provide this in partnership with patients, clinicians, and staff. Decisions are made whilst respecting the patients’ needs, preferences and choices.

We treat our patients holistically and as committed professionals, we will constantly seek to raise the standard of care. We have an excellent team of specialists that also teach at leading dental colleges. We share ideas and continue to develop new and innovative ways of working. We reflect this in our professional approach to the delivery of dental health care and customer care.