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Quantum Frameless Glass Pty Ltd

Quantum Frameless Glass Pty Ltd


Do you want to render an extra layer of protection to your glass balustrades? Do you feel that it is time for an alluring addition to your glass balustrades solution? Then glass protection screens are ideal for your purpose.

Quantum Frameless Glass Pty Ltd

is the pioneer in the balustrade protection industry and can help you to build a robust protective solution for your glass balustrades. In order to accomplish a rigid solution for your glass balustrades, it is necessary that you hire the best providers that the market can provide you with. The protection screens will provide ample protection in case of a mishap and the glue used in their inner layer will prevent the glass shards from shattering in case of a breakage.


  • For the home, the office, or the public space, very few material are as safe and as elegant as a Frameless glass balustrade. The timeless beauty of glass paired with stainless steel, wood, natural stone create beautiful solutions for your exterior or interior space. Whether you are renovating or building new and looking for an efficient balustrade installation, Quantum Frameless Glass is here to help. Frameless glass balustrading


  • At Quantum Frameless Glass we take great pride in designing and delivering high quality glass balustrading for residential and commercial projects that need more than just a balustrade. Each of our systems is designed with aesthetic and strength in mind. Everything has to be resistant to the extreme conditions of corrosion and damage from weather conditions we experience in Australia but it also has to be elegant and seamless to enhance your view.


As opposed to most spigots available today, produced by casting for cost reasons mainly, our Premium Range of fittings is manufactured by high precision CNC machining for superior quality, greater precision and consistency. Made of high quality 316L marine grade Stainless steel forged bar, all our spigots come with a choice of satin or mirror finish depending on applications and aesthetic.

A critical element of a pool fence is of course to ensure the safety of children around a pool area. As a guarantee of quality all our stock toughened glass panels carry a conformity mark to Australian standards. All our spigots are covered by a lifetime structural warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.