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Our Great Story“A calming presence amongst the beautiful chaos, PhotoZiba and their incredible team take the utmost pride in being a part of your special day and the work they produce from it.

Paying close attention to detail and working in an unobtrusive manner to document the moments that matter most to you, Photoziba demonstrates endless creativity and skill in every shot.

In the words of a past client, PhotoZiba “captured every moment from our wedding absolutely perfectly, and the photos truly tell our story.” Reliable from start to finish, his professionalism and passion shine through in his performance as well as his artistic, modern images.

There’s no doubt PHOTO ZIAB will be the best investment you make on your wedding day. Based in Los Angelas Orang X City, available for travel worldwide.”

PhotoZiba, Persian Wedding Photographer in California


Photography is more than just a service we provide, it is our passion. Through many years of professional work and experience, we use our talent and skills to deliver stunning images to you and your loved ones.

Our second shooters have experienced wedding photographers and our assistants are the right-hand men that we have trained. And when it counts, our team of photographers intuitively trust each other to seamlessly work together as well as a finely-tuned orchestra.


We know your wedding has been planned long before your wedding day. For us, it is important to work together on your timeline to create space for productive photo sessions.

Our experience allows us to create a timeline that will have enough time for all the photos you want, while still being relaxed and stress-free. In the studio, we are like a family. We not only share our passion for photography but also our ideas and references.


With premium service, comes premium products. We work with professional companies that handcraft all the albums we design for you. We have sample albums in our studio, so please feel free to stop by and take a look!