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Persian Rugs & Antiques | Exquisite Persian, Turkish and Antique Rugs

The carpet is folk art, a symphony for the eye that bears meaning. As music bears meaning, the carpet is quick to love, impossible to know completely, a reminder of cultural diversity and of human unity.

It is the creation of human desire for beauty in its boldest, deepest moment.”

We offer a large selection of rugs from across the globe, traditional to modern; antique and tribal rugs in all sizes. We sell rugs and trade your old and/or unwanted rugs.

We also work closely and welcome the Design Society and pledge to work tirelessly to fulfill your rug and service needs.

For over 30 years we have served the Charlotte region with exceptional services, which include:

Cleaning and Wash Repairs and Restorations Padding Appraisals

With free pickup and delivery in a 5-mile radius.

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Cleaning Carpets must be cleaned about every 2-3 years to remove stains, prevent moth damage and wear. Cleaning protects dyes and fibers by removing the dust, dirt, and grime embedded within the wool.

We are able to handle all types of cleaning problems including pet stains and odor removal. Call us today to set up your next cleaning service appointment.

Repairs We can repair, reweave, and restore your oriental rugs caused by moth damage and holes, including fringe, and selvage wear and loss. We can restore condition and value back to your carpets. Call us for all your repair consultation needs.

Padding is always beneficial to carpets. We carry excellent, non-slip rubber and synthetic felt padding for all types of rugs.

Pads prevent rugs from slipping on hardwood and smooth surfaces while not staining the back of the carpet or the floor. Padding also helps the rugs lie flat, increase longevity, and diminishes the likelihood of moth damage by creating more hygienic conditions between the carpet and the floor.

Appraisals We can appraise and provide you with information about your oriental rugs with a description including Name, origin, size, age, condition, quality, design description, and retail or replacement valuation.