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Persian Rug Collections by Karbassi

Persian Rug Collections by Karbassi | Persian Rug in San Jose

Most other rug sites try to weave a tall tale about themselves – tales that are as fine as the rugs we sell. But at Persian Rug Collections we have a different approach: openness. As you continue to read more about our company’s history, you will understand why earning our customers’ confidence through openness is our core value.

Persian Rug Collections is foremost a family business, founded by Mike Karbassi. Mike first came to the United States in 1967 and earned a Bachelor’s Degree and M.B.A. from The University of Central Oklahoma.

After several years working in the private sector as an auditor and Vice President of an oil company, Mike decided it was time to plant roots and open a business of his own.

A combination of soul searching and a twist of fate led to his decision to enter the area rug business. Being raised in a culture where Persian rugs are essential to a family’s home, Mike felt there was an opportunity to introduce such a fine product to families in his new home, the United States. So in 1979, he opened Persian Rug Collections in Fresno, California.

Like most businesses, the first years were the hardest. But the challenging experiences during these early years also led to several decisions which have had a lasting effect on Persian Rug Collections’ core values.  The first was Mike’s decision to exclusively carry handmade rugs. Mike realized that offering a quality product for sale was essential to earning his customers’ trust, and machine-made rugs just weren’t good enough.

The second major decision was to offer fair pricing for his rugs. Unfortunately, some dealers like to mislead customers by creating a false sense of value. They inflate their prices to unreasonable levels and then offer deep discounts, but in the end, the customer still pays more. We DO NOT do this. Ever.  By offering a fair price from the start, we create an environment where you can truly buy with confidence. Persian Rug in San Jose

Persian Rug Collections by Karbassi

Raised in this business all his life, Mike’s son Michael has observed his father’s honest and straightforward approach with his customers. Mike never pushes anyone to buy a rug always encourages his customers to follow their own tastes and choose a rug that they will love. In Mike’s own words “Persian rugs last beyond a lifetime and you have to love it if you’re gonna buy it”. It is with these values that Persian Rug Collections offers its collection of fine, authentic handmade Persian and Persian-design area rugs to you online at

Persian Rug Collections by Karbassi

Mike’s approach to business has been successful. After over 32 years, “word of mouth” about the business has spread and Persian Rug Collections continues to provide quality handmade area rugs to a sizeable clientele.

Even though you are visiting our new website and not our showroom, Mike and Michael want to continue to forge relationships with their customers. That’s why they hope you will call them at (559) 431-4373 if you have any questions about our products and services or email them at