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Persian Currency Exchange, Persian/Iranian ATM in London, England

Certified by HM Revenue & Customs MLR: 12137138 | Certified By HM

Treasury FRN: 584301

How to ensure the credibility of exchange traders? Due to a large number of foreign exchange offices in the UK and the need for your loved ones to transfer money and self-confidence, you need to know a few important things about the recognition of authentic and legitimate currency exchanges.
1- The FCA is not necessarily the criterion for authorizing currency transactions 2. Money Laundering Registration (MLR) is necessary for conducting foreign currency transactions and can be obtained by visiting the following site By entering the name of the company and the post office of the desired office, make sure that the company or company is legally authorized to do foreign exchange transactions.
3. You can contact the Treasury Department of England (HM Treasury, tel: 02072705000), and give them the name of the company they are calling for approval as a money transmitter. You can even ask them to provide a certified exchange to transfer money. So, let us pick out more precisely and more precisely in order to avoid future legal problems and maintain our interests, which we all always worry about under different circumstances.
Mohammad Tavakoli