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Persian Carpet Warehouse Inc: Rug InfoPersian Rug GeneralName of the rug Persian Rugs are named after the city or the region in which they were made.

Among the most popular ones are Tabriz, Nain, Qom, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kirman, etc. Each region has a unique characteristic and method of making rugs, so take a moment a look up a name on a map to see where the rug is from.DesignIn design, whether made in the royal palace, in a village hut, or in a tent of a nomad,

a Persian rug can usually be distinguished by its realistic floral patterns with borders of wavy lines connecting floral figures in harmony with the field.ColorIn colour, harmony rather than contrasts predominates, giving marvellous combinations and blending of tones. Dark blues and reds are favourite backgrounds for display of floral patterns.

TextureThere is a great variety in texture from the close weave of the Senna, Kirman, and Tabriz rugs to the soft Shiraz and the coarse Hamadan rugs; But as a family, Persian rugs are of fine wool from sheep, and occasionally camels’s hair or silk for the pile, with the warp and woof of cotton, tied with the Senna knot. Wool: Material used to make the pile of the Persian rug, unless otherwise specified it is Sheep wool that is used to make the rug. There are some Persian rugs that are also made with goat wool. was established in the US in the year 1999 as a distributor of genuine hand knotted Persian rugs. It comes from three generation of rug making. was the first to offer wholesale priced Persian Rugs directly to individual consumers across the US, Canada and Europe using International satellite TV (Persian language Persian TV 1).

For some time now Persian Carpet consistently has been the number one seller of handmade Persian Rugs. About 60 percent of our customers have been rug dealers across US and Canada.

Due to customer demand and to allow more people to enjoy Persian rugs at wholesale price, we decided to list part of our rug collection on this online store.

Our philosophy has been to buy good quality handmade Persian rugs directly from the source and offer them at the lowest price. This has resulted in a long list of loyal customers. handmade Persian rugs

Why is able to offer quality Persian Rugs at such a low price is the fact that our long established history as rug maker, distributor and exporter has put us in a position that we are able to collect quality rugs from the source first hand with no middleman and then we keep our overhead to minimum at all time. That is how we have sold more than 300,000 Persian rugs.