Persian Bakery in San Diego, CA


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Persian Bakery in San Diego, CA

Persian Bakery in San Diego, CA

Here you will find detailed information about Balboa Bakery: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more. Persian Bakery in San Diego

Zoolbia-Bamieh :

Zoolbia is deep-fried funnel cakes, soaked in a light rosewater-saffron syrup. Bamieh, okra in Persian, are reminiscent of churros and immersed in the same syrup.

The combination is particularly popular during the month of Ramadan, providing a much-needed blast of sugar after a day of fasting. These pillows of fried decadence are best washed down with a hot glass of freshly brewed Persian tea.

Shirini Yazdi:

That is known for its sweets, and any travellers to this desert city must visit the national treasure of Haj Khalifa Confectionery in Amir Chakhmaq Square. Here, you can try the famous Iranian baklava pastries (different from the Greek and Turkish varieties), ghotab (doughnut hole-shaped cookies), loze nârgil (coconut diamonds), and pashmak (candy floss).


(Baghlava), this popular dessert is made in different parts of the world with some slight variations. It has layers and layers of flaky pastry surrounding nuts and spices and sweetened with a fragrant syrup. I make mine with almond and walnut filling. Baklava, or Baghlava as we call it in Farsi, looks a lot more complicated than it really is. I have another dessert called Baklava Cake that has a walnut filling with spices and is baked between two layers of a homemade dough. This Baklava recipe that I’m sharing today is made using phyllo sheets and the only preparation it needs is grounding the nuts and brushing the sheets with sweet butter.

Baking Baklava is really a process of assembling the ingredients and the oven does the rest. Maybe the hardest part is separating the very thin phyllo sheets that tend to stick together with dear life! But seriously, as long as the phyllo sheets are completely defrosted and are kept moist under a damp pastry cloth, making this fancy and tasty dessert is fairly simple.