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Personal Injury Attorney | Persia Pourabbas

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Persia Pourabbas | Personal Injury Attorney attended St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.

Ms. Pourabbas exclusively works on Pre-litigation Personal Injury cases in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

similarly, Arkansas, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, and Alabama.

most importantly,  She has worked over 3,000 insurance claims and manages over 10 attorneys

as our Managing Attorney.


in addition, Dallas, Fort Worth San Antonio, Oklahoma City/Norman Albuquerque Columbus Austin Atlanta Cleveland


  • Denver Detroit Louisiana Houston Little Rock Montana Phoenix Tulsa
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A personal injury attorney in Euless, Texas

, however, on the other hand


Persia Pourabbas | Personal Injury Attorney


? How does personal injury casework?

You only have an injury claim if you have an injury. In conclusion, If you don’t get medical treatment,

there’s no medical documentation to prove an injury.

Some people can have lost wages without getting medical treatment so there is a way to get a smaller injury

settlement if you have lost wages but no medical treatment.

But, Often our clients can’t afford medical treatment so we set them up with doctors who generously agree

to get paid at the end of the case. Persia Pourabbas

after that, We then submit the medical records, bill, and lost wages after you



most importantly, to the insurance carrier to get an offer. Some people need treatment for

3 weeks and others for 6 months.

secondly, We try to get an offer 30-45 days after you end treatment. For most of Texas, Ohio, Georgia,

Arizona, Michigan, Arkansas, and Oklahoma these doctors can see our client’s within 24-48 hours.


? Persia Pourabbas | Personal Injury Attorney

THOUSANDS HELPED, MILLIONS PAID McCormick Law Firm We have 15 + attorneys with over 50 years of experience

handling personal injury cases, licensed in multiple states.

we have settled over $500,000,000 in injury settlements for our clients in our careers.

in addition, investigate like no other law firm or police department in the country.

moreover, we will get body camera videos of officers, COBAN videos in patrol cars, and canvas the area

for local surveillance camera footage.

Likewise, We will prove your case and get you to a medical doctor who can prove your injuries.

in the same vein, Our goal is to get you healthy and then get you paid.

We are actively serving injured parties in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico,

Georgia, Colorado, Arkansas, and Ohio. We have bar applications pending in Michigan, Arizona, and Alabama.

Persia Pourabbas | Personal Injury Attorney