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Persia Foods Produce Markets

Persia Foods Produce Markets | Asian/Iranian grocery store in North Vancouver, Canada

We opened our first store in 1996. Through a lot of hard work, perseverance and good luck, we have grown.

We now operate 7 stores, with extensive importing and private labeling, exporting, coffee roasting, and soon, online grocery deliveries!

We still believe that there is no substitute for hard work, and our goal is the same – to provide our customers with great products at affordable prices, with humble and honest customer service. An Iranian grocery store in Vancouver

With increased buying power, we’re able to work with our manufacturers and suppliers to bring in products that make sense for our customers.

We’re really excited to continue to partner with local and global companies to bring you the best BC and the World have to offer.

If you’re a local (or global) producer who wants to work with us or have your products sold in our stores, please contact us at

If you have an idea or want to work with us to bring affordable food to Vancouver (and the rest of the world), we’d love to hear from you.

HOW WE OFFER GREAT VALUE Focus On What Sells We focus on a small lineup of products that our customers want.

This means that we can work with lower margins and higher volume; a better shopping experience and lower bill for you!

Focus On Existing Customers We focus on bringing value to our existing customers.

That means great products and great prices, and providing the best possible service.

We don’t increase our prices to fund marketing efforts to get new customers

– we rely on word of mouth from our customers, which means we need to make sure they are happy!

Listen to Our Customers We still take the time to listen to our customers and to hear what they want.

Our key to future success is being completely aligned with their needs.

Find Meaning and Work Hard There’s no substitute for hard work.

When we can find meaning in our work, that creates the motivation that pushes us to try our best.

Our meaning is the happiness we bring to our customers by providing them with great value – affordable groceries that help them live a happier life.