Persepolis Persian Cuisine | Atlanta


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Persepolis Persian Cuisine | Atlanta

Persepolis Persian Cuisine | Atlanta: Upscale-casual Persian restaurant featuring a daily lunch buffet & belly dancers on weekend nights. Lunch & Dinner Menu: Appetizers  All entrees are served with steamed Basmati rice, topped with saffron rice and grilled tomato. Any of our Basmati rice can be substituted for salad or mixed Basmati rice(sour cherry rice, lentil raisin rice, barberry rice and Lima bean dill rice) for an additional.  All prices may change without any giving notice

Tahdig Literally translated bottom of the pot. A crispy layer of rice topped with a stew of the day. Most popular on any Persian dinner table. Borani Spinach A smooth blend of sauteed spinach, onions & yoghurt

Hummus Delicious combinations of, garbanzo beans mixed with tahini, garlic, lemon juice with olive oil. Musto-Khiar Fresh chopped cucumbers with herbs and spices in yoghurt. Must-o-Mooseer Diced sun-dried shallots mixed with creamy yoghurt and spices. Dolmeh Sauteed ground sirloin, vegetables, rice, herbs and spices wrapped in grape leaves and cooked in red wine vinegar and pomegranate sauce.

Kashk-o-Bodenjoon Sauteed eggplant prepared with a special blend of herbs and spices topped with cream of whey, sauteed onions and mint.

Combo Appetizer Persian Pickles BAby cucumbers prepared in garlic, salt and vinegar seasoned with fresh tarragon

Beef Kabobs Delicious sweets, baked up fresh each day by our awesome pastry chef. The perfect end to your meal!

Soltani Kabobs A skewer of charbroiled kubideh kabob and a skewer of charbroiled Barg kabob.

Barg Kabob A charbroiled skewer of the best-marinated tenderloin beef cuts. Persian restaurant Atlanta

Kubideh Kabob Two charbroiled skewers of blended ground sirloin, grated onions and spices.

Shish Kabob A skewer of marinated and charbroiled beef tenderloins, onions and bell peppers

Chicken Kabobs Chicken Barg Wait till you try it! Chicken Kabob A charbroiled skewer boneless chicken breast chunks marinated in a saffron tender.

Joojeh Kabob A charbroiled skewer of cornish hens marinated in the saffron sauce until tender.