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Pearls and Sapphire

Pearls and Sapphire | An Iranian/Persian local floral design studio in Cedar Park, Texas 

Pearls and Sapphire is a local floral design studio. We have the ultimate goal of bringing your vision to life. ?

We are dedicated and determined to make every style, theme, budget, setup and location work.

Iranian floral design studio in Texas 

No event is ever too big or too small. Why the name:

My children are the inspiration behind everything for me, they keep me happy and motivated all the time. Their birthstones are Pearls (June), Sapphire (September)!

Event designer / Florist …..Arrangements, decor and more, leave it up to us to bring your event ideas to life Austin and surrounding areas


A self-taught, self-trained individual who found herself very passionate about flowers and decorations. ?


The perfectionist stylish designer who never gives up until she achieves what she set her mind on ? Picture Picture


The creative mind helps bring designs to life. He comes up with new and fresh ways to do everything and patiently spends all the time he has to make the task as perfect as possible

We offer a wide variety of styles and layouts for the Persian wedding ceremony.

We have everything that you need from dishes and fabrics to mirror and edible elements that we will provide unless you have items that hold a sentimental value for you and you would like to use them!

Pricing for “Sofreh Aghd” ranges from $1800-$5000

We offer a wide variety of corporate services. You can subscribe to receive weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal rotations of any combinations of fresh flowers, unique plantings or succulents. Complimentary use of the containers and vases, we will swap them out for you on every rotation. Flowers add a sense of welcoming to any space, there is always something fresh and new to impress your visitors, be it customers, members, clients, guests…..

Please provide your information and needs below and we will contact you to find the best design and rotation that fits your budget. We also provide appreciation deliveries for Austin and surrounding areas.

If you would like to thank a client or a customer for their business with you, we can help!