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Pasargard Financial Services

Pasargard Financial Services, Persian/Iranian Financial Consultant in Richmond Hill, Canada

To lock-in rates for upcoming business transactions and avoid currency rate fluctuations we offer forward contracts.

This service only available for larger amount Simply call us and we will lock-in an exchange rate today.

Foreign Currency Buy and Sell Pa$argad Financial Services is pleased to sell foreign currency in four forms: cash, check/draft, wire transfers and coin. We accept various forms of payment, including cash, bank drafts, and wire transfers.

Iranian Financial Consultant in Richmond Hill

Pa$argad customers can choose from 4 major different foreign currencies. To guarantee your currency order, please phone ahead so we can place your desired currency and quantity on hold. In the case of larger orders, a deposit may be required to hold the order.

Wire Transfer We accept and send local and international wire transactions for both retail and corporate customers with the best exchange rate. Whether you need to make a payment or receive funds – large or small – we’ll manage the transfer quickly and efficiently.

We can send and receive your wire in various currencies type. Please advise ahead the type of currency you would like to receive or send so that our friendly staff can provide you with the best and efficient services. Please note that, when you wish to send or receive your fund, please inform us of your payment and receive details.

Tell us, what currency you wish to be paid or send in. Provide us with complete information of ordering or receiving person including their name, address and bank details.

Rates are settled at the time of arrival of the currency or clearance of funds, or later if you wish. On larger amounts, it is advisable to phone us ahead of time. For more information on the wire transfer, Please also check our wire transfer form Instructions under application and form menu.