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Parsian Dental | Irvine, California

Parsian Dental | Irvine, California

Dr. Amini Dentist Irvine, Iranian/Parsian Dental clinic in Culver, Irvine

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that can be placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants can also be used as abutments for a removable prosthesis (Complete or Partial Dentures).

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Am I a Candidate To Receive Dental Implants? Both oral and general health has to be evaluated.

A person has to be in a good state of health both systemically and orally prior to implant placement. Dental implants are placed within the jaw bone. An adequate amount of bone, as well as soft tissue, has to be available to place the implant.

Your dentist and periodontist will work together closely to evaluate and make the best decision for your particular case. services1 SoftTissue Grafting (Oral Plastic Surgical Procedures): Also known as gum grafting procedure where it repairs the exposed tooth roots that resulted from gum recession. (Iranian/American Dentists)

The graft material can be donated from the patient (roof of the mouth) or from another donor source to cover the exposed roots. Not only it can improve the periodontal stability by reducing further recession, but it also may prevent future root cavities and it also reduces sensitivity. services2 Frenectomy: It is a very common and easy procedure.

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Most often the frenum has to be removed from the anterior upper lip (Labial Frenectomy) due to orthodontic reasons in young individuals. some may need to have modifications on their upper lip frenulum before they receive their complete or partial dentures. Iranian Dentist in Irvine

Parsian Dental | Irvine, California: Delivery of antimicrobial agents may be indicated and that is evaluated on the case by case basis If periodontal health is not achieved by this treatment, the surgical approach might be required to achieve and maintain periodontal health and stability.

services4 Osseous Surgery (Gumresective surgery): If nonsurgical approach (Scaling/Root planing or what is known as deep cleaning) was not successful to achieve periodontal stability, osseous surgery is then required to remove infected gums & reduce the deep pockets; reshape the bone irregularities so that post-surgical healing can be achieved with reduced pockets, improved accessibility for the patients to maintain health through better plaque removal and homecare. Despite the word surgery, the procedure is quick and postoperative healing is usually uneventful.

services5 Bone Grafting or Bone Augmentation Procedure: A safe highly predictable procedure involves “building up” or adding bone to the jaw by either using your own bone from a remote location and/or using a donor, processed or synthetic bone materials.

Your Implants can be placed after the grafted bone has fused or sometimes it is placed at the same time as the augmentation. It may take four or more months for the bone graft to take. Dr. Amini Dentist Irvine

Sinus Lift (Sinus Augmentation or Sinus Elevation) When upper back teeth are missing the sinus cavity tends to drop down toward the mouth and becomes larger as the natural bone deteriorates over time.

The procedure involves adding bone below the sinus so that one or more implants can be placed. Depending on the availability of bone dental implants can either be placed at the same time or 412 months later.

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