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Parsa Money Transfer Service

Parsa Money Transfer Service | Persian/Iranian Currency Exchange Service in Sweden

Since 1985 Rapid money transferring to Iran

Clients who contact us from outside of the central European time zone (CEST/CET), please notice that our office opening hours is the official time of Sweden.

Parsa money transfer service established its business relationship with Iran in Sweden in 1985. Parsa has none stop been given services to its clients even during the heaviest international sanctions against Iran (2006 – 2015). After the sanctions were lifted the huge market of Iran has become more interesting for businesses.

Simultaneously Iran’s historical sites and cultural heritage are attracting more and more tourists to the country. The companies and privates need money transferring to and from Iran. Parsa has, with its long time experience, the best alternative for having a financial relationship with Iran. Iranian Currency Exchange Service in Sweden

People often call our institute ‘Sarrafi-e Parsa’. ‘Sarrafi’ in Persian means money transferring. As you can see, our website is named “”. Until 2004 our official website did not have the word ‘sarafi’ as a prefix, but ever since May 2004, we added it.

‘Sarrafi’ in Persian has two ‘r’ but we deliberately wrote it with one ‘r’. The adding of sarafi to our website with the wrong dictation had a durable reason: From the very beginning some companies tried to copy our name with little to none changes in its dictation.

We decided that by putting a distorted form of “Sarraf” it would characterize the real Parsa from companies that copied our name. But not even this maneuver could stop them and now almost everybody puts “Sarrafi” with one “r” in their name. Now a lot of people who search for our Parsa website could fall into a trap made by different cheaters.

Please notice that by adding or removing a simple letter from our websites official name it could misfortunately lead you to the wrong company. Again we made another maneuver: this time we have registered a new daughter company with a little change in Parsa and made it Parca HB.

All deposited money shall come to Parca HB’s accounts. Please notice our website address knowing that our account name is Parca HB. You visit and deposit money to Parca HB.