Pars Restaurang | Goteborg, Sweden


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Pars Restaurang | Goteborg, Sweden

Pars Restaurang | Goteborg, Sweden

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Persian restaurant, Pars Restaurant – Experience ancient Persia

For the first time, Pars opened its doors to Göteborg in 1993 as a café and patisserie and became very popular throughout Kortedala. Today, Pars is known as a Persian restaurant, and is located on Tideräkningsgatan 5A.Restaurant owner and baker Majid, built Pars Café and Pastry from the ground up with his family and has over 25 years of experience in the pastry business.

He has spread his talent for pastries all over Kortedala.Today he offers a restaurant with the most popular and most traditional Persian dishes. These dishes interact with his fantastic décor and give you a glimpse into ancient Persia. He also offers his most popular Persian and Swedish pastries from the bakery days in his cafe!

Enjoy a delicious Persian barbecue dish, or maybe a warm, freshly baked petit choux and a cup of coffee.Pars Restaurant offers a delicious lunch where you can choose from a rich selection of Persian dishes carefully hand-picked from the restaurant menu, along with a fresh salad buffet.

Pars Restaurang, Persian Restaurant in Goteborg, Sweden

In the evening we light the candles and serve the most popular barbecue and casserole dishes in Iran. All parts of the menu have at least one vegetarian option. During the day, Pars Café is open to experience the pastry days again! The café offers cake pieces, Persian pastries, Pars homemade milkshakes and delicious sandwiches baked on Majid’s own bread.

Persian restaurant and café in Kortedala, Gothenburg

Tram 11 towards Bergsjön, tram 7 towards Bergsjön or tram 6 towards Kortedala via Sahlgrenska

Experience ancient Persia at Pars Restaurang! We offer Persian barbecue and casserole dishes and delicious pastries in our cafe.

Pars cake gallery Here in our cake gallery you can browse pictures of cakes previously made by Pars. Browse the gallery to find the perfect cake for your party.