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NYC’s PARS International Corp. is a premier provider of print, digital, and licensing services, empowering businesses with positive media influence.

With 20+ years of innovation, PARS is a trusted marketing ally, boasting a team with rich expertise from renowned entities like The New York Times.

Situated in the hub of news and business, our full-service approach enhances your brand’s visibility and positive press impact.

and United Business Media.

With our roots in publishing and our mission marketing, we maintain diverse industry experience and unparalleled insight into the market value of print and online brands and coverage.

Continually pioneering new print and electronic offerings for more than 25 years, PARS offers the industry’s most aggressive suite of editorial licensing and permissions services.

Iranian Corporate office in New York

We continue to lead the revolution of digital media opportunities in video, on the Web and in social media.

PARS reputation for outstanding service and professionalism has attracted the industry’s most distinguished and loyal roster of publishing partners.

We represent more “blue chip” publishers than any other content marketer, helping publishers and advertisers meet bottom-line goals and increase brand visibility.

LICENSING Pars International Corp

Leverage your positive edit with marketing and promotional licensing.

The PARS team will customize licensing packages to suit your needs.

Typical uses include, but are not limited to:

Owned Media such as your corporate website and organic social media Paid Media including digital and print media, paid social, and OOH In-Store Display Third-Party Retail Trade Shows & Events Corporate Presentations, Reports and Newsletters

Enhance your brand’s presence with superior-quality reprints and e-prints showcasing original editorial coverage of your company, product, service, or industry.

PARS-hosted e-prints, authorized for digital distribution, are formatted as PDFs. However, hard copies are ideal for mailings, trade shows, and POP displays. Therefore, optimize your content dissemination with our authorized, PARS-hosted e-prints in PDF format. For example, enhance your promotional efforts using tangible hard copies for mailings, trade shows, and eye-catching POP displays. Moreover, in addition to the digital advantage, the physical presence of hard copies adds a tangible dimension to your promotional strategy.

In conclusion, to sum up, leverage both the digital and physical formats to maximize the impact of your content distribution. In short, combining PARS-hosted e-prints in PDF format with tangible hard copies ensures a comprehensive and effective promotional approach.