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Pars Florist | North Vancouver

Pars Florist | North Vancouver

We started our job in this field of flowers and plants in 1350 (1972). We opened the first flower shop in a modern way in Iran along with ordering system in that year.

We made our arrangements with the latest design and newest methods. We have a lot of experiences in the fields of accepting orders from overseas and Iran. Iranian Florist North Vancouver

We do respect our customers and their orders, and try to satisfy them. We also respect our personnel who do their best in their job.

All of these, are the secret of our successfulness in our job. You can try us and compare it to others.

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  • Enjoy the Fast & Free Delivery

Is there any difference between us and the others? When you place an order for delivery of flowers in Iran in any way, the order has to be transferred to a florist in Tehran -That might be us. We are the leading provider of such services in Iran -if not the only one.

1-The first difference between PalizGol and others is in the fact that your order to us is direct and without an intermediary.

But most other dealers you may have to go through one or more intermediary dealers that act between you and the florist. Your order, thus, has to go from one hand to the other and … As a result :

– You will pay more money, most of which will go to the intermediaries and not for your own purchase. — You may not even know the florist who would carry out your order, with no possibility to contact him directly. So you can’t be sure that your needs are taken into serious consideration.

— In case of a complication in your order, The florist and mediator(s) put the blame on each other and you will never know whose fault it was. — In such a relation the processing is too slow and if you notice a mistake on your side or wish to modify your order (change the type of flower ordered, change address and or phone number……..) it will undoubtedly be more difficult to find the right person at the right time to listen to you. Finally, the time is out.

2 – If you place your direct order to us you will have the possibility of immediate order and delivery ( even in less than one hour ). In other systems this is impossible. ( as a result of indirect contact.)

3 – We cover the entire country; many others have a limited scope of activity and cannot execute your order beyond Tehran or some major cities.

4 – You will enjoy a variety of selections from most simple to most exact and well defined, based on your budget, reflecting your own views , and finally, the possibility of discussing with florist shop staff All these features have been designed to give you a chance to make your selection as close as possible to the image you have in mind. Such a variety of methods of selection and placing order are just a few clicks away.