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Paradise Nursery | Majid Jahanbin

Paradise Nursery | Majid Jahanbin

For over 20 years now, Paradise Nursery has grown and planted Southern California’s most popular and rare fruit trees, privacy hedges, and fragrant flowering Mediterranean and Persian plants.

Our experienced staff is available to consult, design, install, and manage your landscape and home orchard. PARADISE NURSERY

– Fruit Trees for sale Buy avocado and citrus trees Dr Majid Jahanbin is an Agricultural Engineer with a doctorate from the University of Bologna, Italy. He fell in love with plants at the age of seven, while visiting his father’s farm in Abadan, Iran. Iranian Gardening in Los Angeles

He has over 50 years of professional experience and hosts a popular radio show on 670AM KIRN, giving gardening tips and taking questions on the air in Farsi.

Ashkan Jahanbin is a professional horticulturalist with degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Horticultural from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

He regularly consults and designs edible gardens, home orchards, and landscapes that are beautiful, enjoyable, and environmentally sustainable. From all of us at Paradise Nursery

– Thank you and Happy Harvests!

Dr Majid Jahanbin and his dedicated family have specialized in growing Persian Fruit Trees and Plants for over 20 Years…

Citrus and Fruit Trees, Jasmines, Roses, and California Natives

On the wall of Majid Jahanbin’s office at Paradise Nursery in Chatsworth hang photos of long, fat mulberries lined up with tape measures to show their size — a gardener’s equivalent of big game trophies.

The juicy berries from the Pakistani-Afghan mulberry tree, his biggest seller, can reach more than 3.5 inches.

Mulberry Kris TopazMost mulberries ripen in spring, and by now most growers have either collected the short-lived fruit or seen it get eaten by squirrels. For Kris Topaz, it’s the latter.

Shortly after listing her 11-year old mulberry tree as ready for picking on the Altadena RIPE harvest-sharing website, she removed the offer. The squirrels had arrived first.

“This is the first year I had a problem,” she said. “New mulberries ripen every day, so for about six weeks, I would have four cups of them a day if it’s a good year. They’re very sweet and don’t have seeds, so they’re heavenly. But now the squirrels come every day and have lunch on the new ones.” Mulberry ripening

The tree in her Altadena yard is a volunteer that she transplanted from her former home in Pasadena. Besides the sweet, inch-long fruit, she enjoys the landscaping benefits: She likes the privacy that the tree gives. “It’s deciduous, so in the winter I get sun and in the summer I get shade and beautiful leaves,” she said.