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Pantea Farahzadi | Cologne, Germany

Pantea Farahzadi | Cologne, Germany

Criminal justice attorney in Cologne, Germany

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General criminal law Under the general criminal law u.a. Property offenses (including theft, fraud, embezzlement), offenses against bodily integrity (including assault charges), crimes against personal freedom (coercion, threat, extortion), sexual offenses (including rape, sexual assault) and offenses in the field of narcotic criminal law , White Collar Crime Business criminal law includes the defense against accusations in the context of participation in business life such as i.a. Fraud, withholding and embezzlement of pay, bribery and bribery, bankruptcy and the resulting side effects such as in particular confiscation (also) as well as the apron care in the area of ??individual compliance as well as the execution of internal investigations (internal investigations).

Steuerstrafrecht Tax criminal law includes i.a. the defense against the accusation of tax evasion, advice on the avoidance of a tax criminal procedure (among other things possibility of the penalty-free self-advertisement), defense against secondary criminal decisions also against third parties (confiscation against enterprises etc.).

Capital criminal matters Under capital punishment is understood in the criminal proceedings, the homicides murder, manslaughter, the bodily injury with death or u.a. Robbery with fatal consequences. The relentless defense is of enormous importance not only in view of the penal framework (for murder – life imprisonment).

Pantea Farahzadi | Persian Criminal Attorney in Cologne, Germany

Traffic law & misdemeanor law

Defense in traffic criminal matters (including “drunk driving” and “driver’s escape”) and in traffic immunity and fine proceedings (including red light infringement, speeding, distance violation, parking ban violation – also abroad), representation in all driving license matters, e.g. MPU. mandatory defense In appropriate cases, the assignment of a defense counsel must be made by the competent court. The prerequisites for a duty defense are regulated in § 140 StPO.

In the enforcement of detention or provisional placement, the risk of a professional ban or charges before the district court or the Higher Regional Court, the assignment of a public defender is mandatory. custody The defense related to remand includes, inter alia, the defense on the release of a remand order, the suspension or annulment of the arrest warrant by means of an arrest or detention complaint, the application for a permit to visit relatives and, ia. the request for detention by security deposit. remedy Appeal, i.a. Appeal against judicial decisions, appeal or leap revision, revision against state court decisions, constitutional complaint and human rights complaints, review of retrial, detention and detention complaint; Law enforcement matters, such as half-time application, facilitation, change in the open execution, local detention

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