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Palayan’s Oriental Rug

Palayan’s Oriental RugCarpet & Flooring StoreFamily owned and operated since 1950, our store has seen many changes over the years but has always offered the same quality and professional service

Passed down from my father’s Uncle to my father and now to me, our business has gone through three generations of evolution to accommodate our customer’s needs.

With today’s world so busy and hectic, we have changed the structure of our business to pick up our customer’s rugs and deliver them clean and healthier than ever. Using the best technology, methods and care to clean every rug as if it were our own.

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We clean all types of rugs and area carpets. If it can be folded or rolled, we can clean it! Cleaning includes treatment for stubborn food stains, drink spills, pet stains, odours, mildew, dust removal and any general cleaning. Our rug cleaning process takes several steps: We will extract the dust from your rug.

Sometimes there is so much dust trapped within a rug that it changes the colour of the rug.2. We will wash the back of your rug using an organic foaming rug shampoo.

We do not use any chemical treatments or bleach.3. We will wash the front of your rug using the same treatment.4. We will submerge your rug under water and give it a nice brushing.5. We will wash and straighten the fringes.6.

We will let the rug get some air and dry off fully before delivering it back to you happy and clean. Optional Treatments: Deodorizing, moth proofing, stretching, scotch guarding, wrapping for storage and pads for any sized rugs.