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Oriental Rug Gallery

Oriental Rug Gallery | Iranian Carpet store in Bellevue, WA

Located in Bellevue, Washington, we are a direct importer of authentic, handmade oriental rugs.

S. Sam Amirkia President & Owner.  We Buy Direct & You Save

Your Headquarters for Beautiful Living

Our collection of authentic oriental rugs includes masterpieces from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Nepal, and Tibet.

We travel overseas to handpick for our selection and therefore offer you exquisite pieces at very attractive prices.

With a solid reputation of doing business in Washington State for over 30 years, you can depend on us to offer you unmatched selection, excellent service, and truthful advice.

We have rugs of all sizes, colors, patterns, and styles from all major weaving nations including brand new and antique pieces. No matter what you are looking for, you will find something to complement and enrich any type of decor. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff have years of experience decorating with oriental rugs and will gladly answer any of your questions and help you select one of these fascinating works of art. As a full service and independently owned rug shop, the Oriental Rug Gallery offers cleaning, repairs, and appraisals at very reasonable prices. The Story of the Persian Carpet The carpet made up of warp and weft and knots. Made up of hours of patient skill, the skill of weavers and dyers, carders of wool and shearers of fleece, shepherds – They all made the Persian carpet.

This is the sheep that grow the fleece for a Persian carpet. This is the shepherd who shears the sheep, cutting his fleece so soft and deep, fleece for a Persian carpet. This is the girl who spins the wool.

Round and round goes her spindle, till the wool is twisted into yarn, yarn for a Persian carpet. These are the women who pick the herbs from the forests herbs from the hills to color the Persian carpet. These are the pots so round and black in which they boil and mix and stir dyes for the Persian carpet.

Oriental Rug Gallery?

Into the pots, they dip the yarn, then hang out the skeins of yarn to dry, yarn for a Persian carpet.

These are the warp threads, sooth and straight, strung on the loom that stands in the house strung for a Persian carpet. This is the way the yarn is wound into flat balls around and around wound for the Persian carpet.

These are the weavers, small and swift. And this is the bench on which they sit for knotting the Persian carpet.

This is the pattern, marked in squares to show what color goes here and there in the beautiful Persian carpet. This is the way the weavers work: Reach for a ball and cuff off a bit.

Tie a knot with a finger flip around one thread of the empty warp, warp for the Persian carpet. When knots are tied across a row, a thread is pulled through to hold them so – weft for the Persian carpet.

This is the comb to press down the weft and tighten the knots of the colored threads for a good firm Persian carpet. Then comes the shears that cut off the ends It evens the pile so soft and smooth for a fine thick Persian carpet.

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