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North York Dental Clinic

North York Dental Clinic | Iranian Dentist in Toronto, Ontario

Dr Houra earned her first DDS

in 1989. She worked for Iran’s Ministry of Health until 1993, when she established her own dental clinic. Her warm manner and steady hand helped her grow a dedicated client base and a very successful practice. In 2007, Dr Houra completed a second DDS at the University of Toronto, where she earned the highest eligibility exam score out of 300 international dentists.

Since then, she has worked as an associate at dental offices in the GTA. After 22 years in dentistry, Dr Houra has developed advanced clinical skills in general dentistry. She has extensive experience in oral surgery, especially as it pertains to impacted wisdom teeth and extraction. She has upgraded her knowledge and experience in implant surgery, by attending a one-year implant residency course from the University of Toronto in 2014.

Dr Alireza Zeynali, DDS

Dr Ali got his first dental degree in 2000 in Iran and was practising dentistry in his own dental office for nine years. His good rapport with patients and excellent hand skills helped him establish a successful practice in Iran. He received his Canadian dental degree from University of Western Ontario in 2014.

He was on dean’s honour list and was honoured to receive the award on the recommendation of the Divisions of Operative Dentistry & Endodontics, Fixed Prosthodontics and Removable Prosthodontics for his overall excellence clinical demonstrations. Prior to entering school in Canada, Dr Ali was working as an instructor at the Dental Simulation Training Centre, which prepares international dentists for clinical exams in dental schools across Canada and the United States. After 14 years in this profession, Dr Ali has gained great experience in all fields of general dentistry. He especially enjoys Esthetic dentistry as well as Endodontics (Root canal Therapy) and Oral Surgery. Best Dentists Speaking Farsi Near Me

Dr Hamid Reza Karimi, DDS

Dr Hamid got his first dental degree in 1998 from U.M.F “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Romania and got European experience. Dr Hamid attended a qualifying program in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Iran) on 2000 and later, continued to practice dentistry in Iran. He achieved his Canadian Dental Board Certification in 2015 and became a member of Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association and Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

North York Dental Clinic

Dr Hamid took part of the voluntary action as a dentist to ameliorate people from Bam City, (Iran) who were affected and suffering of an earthquake in 2003 and his effort was appreciated and honoured by local authorities and Iranian General Dental Association. Iranian Dentist in Toronto

Dr Hamid enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and after 20 years in dentistry, has developed clinical skills in Composite Restorations and Direct Composite Veneer. Also, he achieved great experience in Endodontics, Oral Surgery and Dental Prosthesis. He believes in providing a great patient experience, and his kind and caring manner create a warm and comforting environment. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, adventurous outdoor activities…

North York Dental Clinic