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Neda Nazari | Clonfero Law Firm

Neda Nazari, Pruden-Lawyer in Clonfero Law Firm

Personal injury attorney in Toronto, Ontario

Personal injury lawyers represent people who have suffered serious injury as the result of an accident or negligence. This work includes representing people who have paid premiums in good faith to insurance companies, only to have their claim denied when they need help the most. At Clonfero Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families who face challenging odds following a traumatic event or long-term illness.

We are a litigation firm, which means we are focused on representing clients in disputes with other individuals or with corporations. When someone is injured and cannot access the assistance they need to recover, we step in to provide advocacy and support.

Our Cases

We serve clients who are working hard to meet challenges against difficult odds. Among their circumstances are:

Catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and orthopaedic injury

Psychological conditions such as mood disorders, PTSD and depression

The aftermath of serious injury car crashes, including pedestrian-vehicle collisions, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents. We provide no-fault benefit assistance and sue on behalf of clients in the event of major trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Neda Nazari, Clonfero Law Firm, Best Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto, Ontario

Denial or termination of long-term disability benefits, particularly in the case of “invisible” illnesses such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and chronic pain

The after-effects of serious slip-and-fall accidents, where they face a challenging legal fight for compensation against private or public occupiers of property.

In addition, we represent families in wrongful death claims and bad faith claims against insurance companies.

Serving Our Clients

Restoring peace of mind is key to our work at Clonfero Law Firm. We believe that injured people should not experience distress that interferes with their healing. To hear how our clients have responded to our work, read our testimonials page.