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Natalie Nabizada Attorney

Natalie Nabizada Attorney | Afghan lawyer employee at Litigation Law Group in San Jose

  • Business Litigation
  • Intellectual
  • property litigation

Business Litigation Intellectual Property Litigation Natalie is a dedicated litigator practising in both federal and state courts.

Over the course of her career, she has successfully represented a diverse clientele in a broad range of complex cases.

Her practice area focuses on complex civil litigation, government investigations, and white-collar criminal matters.

She welcomes any type of challenge and makes it her mission to offer support to her clients that not only benefits them now but help them secure a future of growth.

Natalie understands that behind the companies she represents are individuals with families and the communities they serve.

Her previous experience at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office has taught her how to be a fierce advocate for justice.

She employs these advocacy skills to zealously represent her clients in the courtroom and through all stages of litigation

. Natalie is fluent in Farsi, Arabic, and French. Farsi speaking Lawyer in Orange County 

She is currently the Assistant Director of Business Development and Government Procurement at The California Legislative Strategies Firm.

She is also active in various global organizations committed to the empowerment of women and minorities.

Clients can expect nothing less than excellence, dedication, and candour from Natalie.

  • English/Farsi/Arabic

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