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Nahal Nikki Hashemi | Encino, California

Nahal Nikki Hashemi | Iranian Bankruptcy Specialist Attorney, Encino, CA

13 years experience


Some of the Principles Followed in our Legal Representation of Clients:

a) Do not judge your client!

Our clients are often facing a challenging time in their lives; we try to truly understand their situation when retained to guide them in their decision-making regarding debt resolution or asset protection.

b) Gather all information and conduct proper legal research!

We take pride in having a very thorough requirement for collecting and reviewing documents/information from our clients; it has always worked out to our client’s advantage. Top Iranian Lawyers for Bankruptcy

c) Don’t forget to “hold the Client’s hand” and guide them at all stages of the legal representation.

d) Ensure Client has continuous access to and communication with an Attorney.

Our support staff/paralegals/legal assistants do not answer legal questions and refer them to the attorney of record.

We take our ethical duties very seriously. Iranian Bankruptcy Specialist Attorney


As a member of the Board of Directors for the past five years, Nikki Hashemi, Esq.

has gained a growing interest in non-profit organizations, the Charter School Movement, and educational reform in general. As a founding member of Ivy Bound Academy Charter Middle School, Nikki Hashemi has witnessed the soaring achievements of middle school students, and the heartfelt dedication of an amazing staff, who stay true to the underlying foundational mission of the school.

Diversification of the roles we play in our community and society is key the personal development and a better understanding of the world we live in.

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