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MTO Persian School

MTO Persian School

Our Goal Our primary goal of teaching Farsi starts with the elementary foundations which are taught in the primary years. The principles of learning the Persian language are followed for our young students to learn the fundamentals of the language in speaking, writing, grammar and its different applications. Our aim in ensuring all our students achieve their best in education, they learn Persian as their second language through our specially designed text-books. Our course contents in years 4 to 6 are specifically designed to prepare students to partake initially in GCSE Persian Language and eventually in A-level Persian.

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These qualifications will help them further on their career choices when applying for university. Besides teaching Farsi, we also aim to familiarise our students with all aspects of Persian culture and arts and the path to realising this goal starts with introducing and incorporating their country’s different tribal and regional customs and arts into their syllables and extra-curricular activities. The knowledge they acquire and the activities they partake in, will help them find more self-confidence and gradually discover their hidden talents. In the pursuit of this goal, and for the celebration of our Youth Day and Norouz, the arts and various cultural endeavours, such as music, painting, drama and dance are taught, and traditional dishes as well as tribal/regional costumes are introduced and worn by our students and staff.

The school building

MTO Persian School is situated in the central building of Highgate Wood School with the use of the classrooms and canteen on the ground and first floor. For safety of our students we have a full-time security guard on site during school operation hours.

The canteen

Our school has a large and brand-new canteen where our dedicated team of talented ladies cook and serve Halal and delicious hot and cold homemade food to eat in or even take away home with them.

Their menu includes:

Warm sandwiches: Koukou Sabzi, Kotlet, Sausage

Cold sandwiches: Olovieh, Chicken & Mushroom, Kalbas

Soup of the day: Soup-e Jo (barley), Soup-e Adas (red dahl), Broccoli Ash-e Reshteh, Ash-e Jo, Ash-e Balghour

Warm dishes: Pasta, Tah-chin, Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi with Rice, Khoresh Gheimeh with Rice,  Estanboli Polo, Zereshk Polo & Chicken

In our canteen, parents can spend time together and catch up with all kinds of news while they are happy their children are in good hands learning Farsi.

Car Park

The school has its own large car park with a capacity for 70 cars.

The Playground

There is a 43 by 24 metre playground for the students to play and run around during their breaks. When the weather is warm and sunny, lunch is served in the fresh air in the playground where parents and students alike can enjoy the weather as well as their lunch.

Assembly Hall

Some lovely memories are associated with this hall and of the students’ Annual Celebration where they perform for their families and friends and receive awards for their hard work and efforts.