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Reza Shahpori
To immigrate, visit, study, work or seek asylum in Canada or to apply for Canadian citizenship please contact us.
Member of ICCRC
Mr Reza Shahpouri’s experience in the field of immigration to Canada includes most of the Canadian immigration formal and legal methods, such as professional, family, student, and business methods.
But since 2010, Mr Reza Shahpouri and his company have focused on different types of immigration Canada has been a business case (investing and entrepreneurship) and immigration through expertise.
Mr Reza Shahpouri’s expertise and more than a decade of experience with his staff and the personnel of MyLight Immigration Services Company regarding the types of immigration to Canada for Iranian applicants have resulted in a high percentage of Mr Reza Shahpouri’s client response.

Granting refugee protection without a hearing (Expedited Policy)

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has a process under its Expedited Policy that can be used in specific circumstances to accept a claim for refugee protection without a hearing. This process allows RPD decision-makers to grant refugee protection after a review of the evidence in the file, which includes confirmation of security screening, the Basis of Claim Form, identity documents, as well as other relevant evidence and submissions. Iranian lawyer in Canada

The RPD is currently scheduling cases from its inventory primarily in the order in which they were received, including those under this process. Being granted refugee protection without a hearing does not necessarily mean that your claim is finalized sooner.

However, once a case is assigned to a member, and deemed appropriate for this process, it can generally be finalized more efficiently since there is no need to schedule and wait for a hearing date. best Persian immigration lawyer in Vancouver

Only certain claims from a designated country are eligible. Countries that are currently eligible are Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Yemen.

There is no need to request that your refugee protection claim is considered under this process. All refugee protection claims from the list of designated countries above are automatically considered.

A claim for refugee protection cannot be rejected without a hearing.

All refugee protection claimants in Canada must go through security screening, including those considered under this process.