Monireh Ashoee | Criminal Lawyer


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Monireh Ashoee | Criminal Lawyer

Monireh Ashoee | Criminal Lawyer

I’m glad about her interest in my short presentation.

The aim of my work is to best enforce the interests and rights of our clients. Here, the personal and individual support of individual clients is important to me.

On the following pages you will learn more about my person and the law firm.

In these areas I am happy to help you with legal questions:

Rechtsanwältin Ashoee (Dortmund)

Practice areas

Born on 24.08.1964 in Iran

After graduation from 1989 study of law at the Ruhr University Bochum

After the first state examination in the 1995 traineeship at the District Court of Dortmund

1998 second state examination and admission to the legal profession

1998 qualification as business lawyer at the tax and business academy in Hagen

1999-2000 worked as a lawyer in a law firm in Dortmund

Since April 2001 foundation of the own law office in Dortmund

Monireh Ashoee, Iranian Criminal Law attorney in Dortmund, Germany

Dominate Persian, Turkish, Azeri, English


Anyone who has ever been abroad knows how difficult it is to find one’s way in a foreign country. Above all, when dealing with authorities, foreign languages ??and unknown laws make it harder for them to enforce their rights.

Foreigners’ rights in Germany are very complex and there are always renewals. It is very important to note. Whether it is residence permits, work permits or naturalizations, it is important to have a legal adviser who has experience in this area and is familiar with current laws.

In particular, asylum seekers need a legal adviser who can provide you with expert legal advice in the procedure. Because often the legal knowledge in the asylum procedure is crucial. If asylum seekers do not know their rights and obligations, they make mistakes that can make their stay in Germany more difficult or even the reason for deportation. It is therefore important to obtain legal advice before applying. If you can still communicate with your lawyer in your own language, this is just another advantage. I speak Persian, Turkish, Azeri, as well as English.

The chance to win a trial in this area is much higher if the lawyer is constantly involved in this area and knows the case law and can work more efficiently based on experience. Having worked in this field for more than ten years and dealing with a large number of cases, I know what the asylum or residence procedure is and what should be considered.

In Foreigner Law, I work for you in the following areas:

  • asylum

  • Work permit procedures

  • right of residence

  • naturalization

  • familyreunion

  • visa