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Moneypars Pty Ltd

Moneypars Pty Ltd

Hamid has an account Director at Island Travel Adelaide

Our goals and principles:

1- Mani Pars Stock Exchange is fully legal and transparent, and is bound to comply with the Australian monetary rules and regulations.

2. The relationship between Pars and its customers is defined on the basis of customer respect, and the Manny Pars team always adheres to this principle.

3. The speed, accuracy, and security of the customer are three important principles of the Mani Pars.

4- Mani Pars has a special look at respected Iranian students and students who have immigrated to Australia through an investment visa.

Manso-Pars Management is always ready to receive useful suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of its business system from the language of customers.

Moneypars Pty Ltd, Hamid Mehdizadeh, Money Exchange & Money Transfer

Honor Mani Pars, Serving the Corpse Mani-Pars Stock Exchange Management Contact us to send fast remittances

It was registered on 21 Jan 2015 and given the ABN 27603816897.

The ACN number of the company is 603816897. It is an Australian Private Company. IT used 0 Business Names / Trading Names so far. It is located in the state of South Australia (SA) having postcode 5084.

It does not have a registered GST number yet. The information was extracted from the Australian Business Register on 07 Sep 2015. The ABR database on our website was last updated on 06 Jun 2019.

Iranian Money Exchange in Sydney

Mani-Pars Stock Exchange has an official license from the Asutrac Office in Australia. Depositary payment, Issuance of legal tender

Send money to Iran from Australia

“Consult with us”. The Manny Pars team assures you when and how to transfer your money to keep up with the fluctuations in the market. We are always with you and will always be available to you at our offices in Sydney , Adelaide, and Tehran.