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Mojdeh Shahriari

Mojdeh Shahriari | Iranian Legal services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Mojdeh Shahriari has extensive experience both as a lawyer and as a decision-maker in a quasi-judicial tribunal of the Immigration and Refugee Board (“IRB”). In addition to her law degree from the University of British Columbia (“UBC“), she has earned a Masters degree, of Fine Arts in Film Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts with double honors, Sociology, and, in Film and Theatre.

Prior to her appointment by the Federal Government to the IRB of Canada in 2006, she practiced in the areas of human rights law, refugee law, immigration law, and employment law as a sole practitioner. Iranian Legal services in Vancouver

Upon the completion of her mandate at the IRB, Mojdeh Shahriari has now returned to private practice in the same areas of law. Former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board: Mojdeh Shahriari is a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (2006-2008).

Her primary deployment was at the Immigration Appeal Division, but she was also a member of the Refugee Protection Division. She has presided over hundreds of immigration appeal, removal order appeals, residency obligation appeals, and refugee protection hearings.

Mojdeh Shahriari has rendered more than three hundred written decisions, in addition to many oral and In-Chambers decisions. Many of her decisions are published in the publicly available legal site:

Areas of practice

  • Refugee Law including the following:
  • Refugee claims and hearings at the Refugee Protection Division
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration applications
  • Pre-Removal Risk Assessment applications
  • Judicial Review of unsuccessful claims at the Federal Court of Canada

Immigration Law including the following:

  • Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD Appeals)
  • Appeals of all refusal areas such as financial, medical, marriage, residency obligation, terms and conditions for entrepreneurs, adoption, inadmissibility, and criminality.
  • Skilled Worker applications
  • Family Sponsorship applications within Canada and outside Canada
  • Temporary Visa applications
  • Permanent residency applications and appeals
  • Judicial Review of unsuccessful cases at the Federal Court of Canada


  • Non-union employment grievances
  • General legal advice on related areas of law