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Mohammad Ghanbari Law

Mohammad Ghanbari Law – Istanbul, Turkey

Master of Private Law from Iran

Doctor of International Law from Marmara University of Turkey

Legal Adviser of Tabriz Municipality for 5 years

Advice and representation of Iranian business and legal litigation in Turkey for 10 years

Qul Salim decrees that one should consult an expert in order to do less harm and error. Especially if doing so is in a foreign country. We are less concerned about it, and as a result, they are being exploited by fraudulent people, who may not be able to make up for it with hard money and no other fruit.

To prevent these unfortunate events and to provide reliable services, a team of lawyers and business and financial experts from Iran and Turkey have set up an official Istanbul-based Business and Financial Law Consulting Institute with registration number 947533 in Turkey that is ready to provide services to fellow citizens in the required fields. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success, growth, and credibility.

The complex, in collaboration with Iranian and Turkish lawyers, set up a full legal field to cover a wide range of international law topics from foreign investment to company registration, marriage registration and residential and civil affairs, and the pursuit and defense of Iranian rights in law and order. Turkish judiciary and accountability to a wide range of Iranian needs and problems in Turkey.

Practice areas

  •     Criminal Law
  •     Immigration Turkey
  •     International Trade
  •     Business Law
  •     Real Estat

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Types of services available
  • Studying in Turkey
  • Marriage in Turkey
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship
  • Company registration in Turkey
  • Getting a Residence in Turkey
  • Buy property in Turkey
  • Opening a bank account in Turkey
  • Plan and prosecute all types of lawsuits and penalties in Iran and Turkey