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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Custom Virtual Reality company, based in the Capital of Canada! Known for our SimWave offers custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality development of compelling interactive training and experiential scenarios. SimWave runs on a passion for existing on the cutting edge of interactive technology. We are never shy about refining our process, constantly maximizing efficiency while squeezing every last bit of graphical fidelity out of our products.

We thrive on measuring our techniques against what the rest of the industry has to offer, then using the best of those available to craft fully immersive and engaging experiences. WHAT WE DO: Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality – Game Development – Immersive Installations and Exhibits At SimWave we visualize what clients didn’t even realize was possible.Through new technologies and innovative thinking, we bring a new reality to you and let you interact with the digital world.

SimWave Consulting thrives on creating the most up to date interactive software technology for the Canadian public. Our goal was to represent the refueling process as accurately as possible using finely detailed steps, like selecting personal protective equipment, utilizing a calculator to calculate how much fuel the user must deliver, and even manually delivering the fuel. As the training process for newer drivers begins, Parkland has decided to leverage VR as a training tool allowing users to continuously run through and practice, without wasting fuel, or potentially harming themselves and others.

Marketing Training – We also had the pleasure of developing a mobile application for Parkland Fuel’s retail franchise, “On the Run”. Available for both iOS and Android, it is to help guide and train franchise owners on how to properly set up their store, while staying within the marketing guidelines from corporate.

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For this training application, we used 360° images to display the flagship On the Run store to guide the other store owners. Throughout the application, the users will learn about each section of the store and will be tasked with a series of questions to advance through the store.

HARDWARE Purchase an exclusive SimWave Virtual Reality Booth, to customise an experience for your audience today.

THE BOOTH Stunning 360° photorealistic visuals combined with physical wind, heat, smell, and rumble effects for an unforgettably realistic experience. KEY FEATURES One of a kind Application Program Interface (API) giving you the capability of creating and programming your own virtual experience Plenty of space for users to interact with a scene, LEAP Motion capabilities within the 8.5’ high booth with a 6’x6’ base Scent air bursts and wind effects, for a realistic virtual environment to enhance virtual experience ButtKicker® low-frequency audio transducers for dramatic rumble effects Customizable lighting and display capabilities: Showcase corporate logos or display the experience on the T.V screen to attract a larger audience Adjustable seating, and wheelchair ramp so the booth can be used by everyone!